Discover How To Generate High Quality Leads, Boost Profits & Increase Customer Lifetime Value By Utilizing The Best Email Marketing Strategies...
Stop leaving money on the table!  Boost revenue by 25-30% with a few simple email funnels...
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A Step By Step Walk Through On Building Your Brand & Creating A Lucrative Business With The Best Email Marketing Strategies Out There...
In this program, I'll take you by the hand and show you how to create a powerful email marketing system for your business.  You'll get an over the shoulder look as I share email funnels that are built to generate high converting leads, create amazing front end buyers, increase customer lifetime value gigantically, and turn your low profit e-commerce stores into a high revenue producer.  

The formula used is easily repeatable and something I know you can have success with.  My motto for building a strong brand is...
We will always keep this philosophy at heart while utilizing the tools and platforms available to us now.  In this 4 part private workshop, we'll dive into every form of email marketing that your business needs to take advantage of. Too many people leave this income on the table. Don't miss out on a 25-30%+ boost to your daily income. 

Here's what you'll discover in this private workshop:

Session 1 - Prospect Lead Generation Email Marketing - We'll dive into multiple case studies and examples showing you the best possibly ways to generate quality prospects to your business and how we utilize email to convert those leads into buyers. 

Session 2 - Low Cost Front End Lead Gen - A tried a true method to generate great revenue with a low cost of investment is to set up a low cost front end lead generation email funnel. Build the trust and convince the prospect to buy with a low cost front end and generate the real profits with the upsells and offers on the backend. There are multiple ways we take advantage of this method and it combos with paid advertising perfectly!

Session 3 - Buyer Backend Email Marketing - This is where email marketing really shines. Continuing conversation and trust building with your already acquired buyers is the #1 easiest and least expensive way to increase lifetime value for each customer and boost revenue for your business. Your buyer email leads are gold for any business and should be treated as such. I'll show you exactly what needs to be done to get your buyers to continue buying from you after that initial sale. 

Session 4 - E-Commerce Email Marketing Essentials - E-com and selling physical products on a brand store has it's own set of quality email funnels that needs to be put in place if you want to generate a solid profit. So many Shopifiers and ecommerce businesses are losing money because they don't take advantage of email marketing with their leads. I'm here to fix that for you and your business. 

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By the end of this program, your brand will be going strong and your community will be on it's way up.  You'll see each step of the process done in front of your eyes and fully understand how it plays into the long term plan for building a quality business using email.  

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